A Cry From The Heart

The importance of car insurance cannot be underestimated. I write that now as I am sitting in my front room completely devoid of any protection from any driving problems I may encounter. That doesn't sound too bad you might think but I failed to mention that I am also sitting in my Ford Fiesta in my front room. The massive patio doors seemed a good idea when I had the double glazing salesman round but as I sit here still in a daze with my patio doors littering my front room I'm no longer so sure.

One massive benefit is that I no longer have to put up with the mauve (is that even a word, what kind of colour is that?!) carpet that covers - or used to - our front room. The skidmarks from the car don't really add to the ambience so hopefully that will be an improvement I can make.

My next thought is going to be what my wife will say. I've always wanted somewhere to park my car that has a roof on it but I don't think she will be too pleased that I have used the front room, I mean who can watch TV through a windscreen? At least X-Factor won't be as painful.

So how am I going to pay for the mess I have made? As I hear the sirens approaching I begin to think about all of the cringe-making adverts for car insurance on TV that I gave up listening to. "I don't need insurance" I used to say to the lads in the pub. They will be absolutely peeing themselves at me now won't they! I could get a second job but to be fair you have to have a first job for that to be possible. There is only so far the UK government will support me I suppose and the tax credits office probably won't be too sympathetic to my plight. At least I will be able to get 120 from the scrap man, as long as I pay 100 for a towing firm to remove the car from my house.

If you are going to take anything from this story it is this: ignore the cheese and the gimmicks of the adverts, make sure you get yourself covered or you could be like me, enjoying your front room through the view of your windscreen!

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